Spocom is now offering Self Managed filter for your email account.

 Self Managed mail filter

This filter sends possible spam to a specified mailbox on your webmail account. It allows users to specify certain addresses to be bypassed that are failing the spam test but are emails that the user desires to receive. All other spam mail in the account will be deleted every 30 days.

Would you Like to be place on this Spam filter free of charge?


1. Fill out the form

Please include all email address that you would like on the filter and which filter you would like to use.

2. Read conformation email

You will receive a conformation email to each account that includes instructions on how to manage your account. Warning: Self manage account may not operate correctly if you do not follow the supplied instructions.

3. Help

If you need help managing you filter please call 465-4182

4. Filter Removal

        For account security reasons Spocom ask that you call 465-4182 to be taken off our spam filter.


Spam Filter Form


Name: (Please use name on account)

Account Info:

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1. Email Address

2. Filter Type

Self Managed


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